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Companies, brokers, offering guarantors/underwriters, and investors are all highly interested in a successful offering/IPO. Economically reaching all potential retail investors is thus paramount and Nyemission can be that crucial part of this as a gateway to the many Danish investors. Swedish and Norwegian companies often forget to include Danish investors in their offerings even though the additional costs are minimal and thus miss the opportunity to receive more funds and new investors. Get our targeted marketing campaign, including landing page, web marketing, direct mails, etc. for only DKK 10,000.

Nyemission was originally started by Danish financial advisory Kapital Partner in 2017 to create awareness of and easy access to IPOs on the Nordic growth exchanges. It is now run independently and as a full service to all Nordic brokers and companies. We are the gateway to active Danish investors for especially Scandinavian growth exchange companies raising capital for IPOs, rights issues, or other public offerings.

The Scandinavian growth market investors represent a diverse group interested in different sectors and offerings – but they are always looking for a good investment! The competition for their funds can be fierce and thus reaching as many as possible with a real investment interest may prove essential for success. As a long-term (the oldest in Denmark) established investor portal dedicated only to capital offerings our audience consists entirely of investors actively interested in Scandinavian growth stock IPOs and emissions.

Contact us for more information and offers:

Anders Søndergaard

Tel: +45 9155 7476